Mayo/Doon Entrance

With an exceptionally qualified team of teachers, we motivate the children, instigate ideas, kindle minds and therefore fuel growth.


This year also, like the previous years, we have been successful in coaching children for admissions into the best Boarding Schools in the country - Mayo, Doon, Scindia & Welhams . All our students have qualified in the first list itself. We also hold special individual sessions with each child, to prepare them to face interviewers, be confident and put up their best front in the interviews which is the second phase.


With a very low student teacher ratio, which is also undoubtedly our forte, we, as a rule focus on providing personal attention to each and every student. This has been our policy and we like to maintain that. This is self-admittantly the secret of our fantastic results!


We understand that to ensure smooth sailing at a later stage, it is imperative that the foundations be strengthened.

Keeping this in mind, we train the young minds at the schooling stage such that they emerge as

bright, confident individuals, ready to face the challenges that await them "AFTERXII".

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